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Birthdate:Jul 12
Location:United States of America
The Original Punk Apple Pirate.

Dramatic teenager, world-builder, believer in fantasy, lover of riddles, expert in mythology.
Artist of all trades, musically and intellectually inclined, mind of a terrorist, heart of gold.
Colourful, imaginative, inspired, dreams in steampunk, lives in gothic.
Gory, dark, morbid, chaotic, observant, realistic, redefined, recultured, redundant.
Inventive, excellent, intelligent, vivid, and visual.

Writing Projects - now at Indigo Cities

- NaNoWriMo, won: 1/2 times.
- A novella called Scars of Light about a shapeshifter named Shairicca who ends up evil; complete.
- A novel called The Indigo City about a faerie named Renaissance Fayre who is caught up in a plot to overthrow all of the supernatural world.
- Cassella, about a star named - what else - Cassella, who defends her planets from the apocalypse and prevents the destruction and reinvention of the universe.
- Paper Swans, a steampunk excursion with my friend Civ about a Clockworker named Naime and an owlish assassin politician shapeshifter named Baltimore.
- Unnamed Story, which is about a girl named Mehex who has certain affiliations with odd creatures from mythology.
- Another Unnamed Story, which is about a pantheon of old gods tied to an Earth-like world in an alternate universe, particularly Scenis, the trickster (and my pen-name-sake) and Civerus, the celestial incarnation of the moon (and Civ's pen-name-sake).
- Poetry - lots and lots of it. Come see it at
- In my blogs, on Tumblr, LiveJournal, and Wordpress, whenever I have something to say.

I go by...

Scenis or Ngath (pronounced Neey-ahth, almost in one syllable).

And I'll gladly be your friend if...

You don't use chatspeak or leet, you don't advertise a product or ask me to buy things, and if you interest me. ;)

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