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Paper Swans

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It's almost one in the morning. Civ and I are still awake, talking on a private board on iScribble.

Listening to:

Life in Laralay - Sweethead
Spin Me Round (Like a Record) - Dope
Lullaby - Hypnogaja
Hero - Skillet
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack
Les Miserables Soundtrack

Poetic Drabble!
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We have an ongoing story called Paper Swans. (I've lorded it over the heads of my LJ friends. It's my current pride and joy, yep.)

So, Civerus and myself like to roleplay our main characters (both of whom are leashed tightly to our minds so that they cannot escape) in order to learn them better. (I have to write out the whole manuscript, in any case.) Last night, when she slept over, we decided to write a fluff scene - yay...

(It never ends well, no it does not, but we'll still keep trying to write something that is incredibly, sickeningly adorable and makes no sense to canon.)

So, my main character is officially pregnant, early second trimester! They're going to name their boychild Victor. (The poor boy will grow up isolated from boys of a lower class and probably be unhappy, denied a father's love until he is old enough to learn the works of Baltimore's politicking, as he must inherit one day, after which he will be prized over Naime herself, which made both of us (me and Naime) sad.

In defense of Naime, I used my on-the-spot-rant skillz to deliver the following speech:

Civ: ...and it'll be all happy and stuff --

Scee: Happy? Happy? Oh, yes, Civerus, I'm certain Naime will be happy, after almost being murdered by the man she learns to love and nearly betrayed and killed several times after that, forced to take refuge with a man who pushes every obstacle out of his way, including herself, to reach his narcissist goals, and then using her for sex (far before they are ever married, despite proper etiquette of this century!), after which he steals away their son in order to pursue his own political ambitions, which he loves more than the mother of his only child! I'm sure that will make Naime dreadfully happy!

Civ: ...You make me feel like a terrible person.

Scee: Good.

I'm not always this mean to her. It's just the fact that the speech had to be delivered - Naime had been mulling it over in her head for days.

(Oh, my individualist headvoices.)

Here's some other things that have happened within the past two days:
  • Watched "How to Train Your Dragon;" it was amazing. Rivaled Avatar.
  • Rewatched Harry Potter 4.
  • Rewatched Robots.
  • Civ taught me how to use a bow and arrow! :D She has a 45 lb. bow, and it takes a lot more strength to pull the string back than you might expect. Wow. I managed, though, and I think I'm pretty good at it - I want to keep practicing, and if I continue to enjoy it for a while, I might consider getting my own. (It might be beginner's luck, or it might be that I just have some sort of natural talent.)
  • Watched "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," just now, because my grandmother wanted to watch something with us. It was actually very nice.
  • Other stuff I don't much see the point in listing.
That is all. :D
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I've been looking at them for a while, but I've never come across an unused code. Today I did! (It was the second one I tried, too.)

Since it's just before one in the morning where I live and I'd like some sleep, I'll keep to the basics.

My name is Scenis. That's "SEN-iss." I am female. I am American. I like rocks and erasers and stuffed zebras.

"Zebras?" you ask. "Why zebras?" Why, because from where I type this I can see a stuffed zebra across my room, sitting right next to a stuffed kitten. What if that had been misinterpreted? I kill kittens and stuff them! Taxidermy! (insert evil laughter here) Did you know, there is an organization called the Anti Kitten Burning Coalition, or the AKBC for short? Of all things!

I would know, because they're throwing rocks at my window right now.

Shoo, kitten lovers! There's no place for your sensical nonsense here!

Ah. Where was I?

Oh, yes.

Since Dreamwidth is supposedly the artist's LiveJournal (a website I have used and misused, abused and enthused... and more), I suppose I should list a bit about my artistic capabilities?

Well, I do like paint. Such pretty colors. So messy. I also like inserting a random 'u' in my color. Color? Colour! It's just so much prettier of a word. (No, I'm not British, though I do love me some tea. Green tea, white tea, black tea, cold tea, hot tea, peach tea, it's all delicious.)

But mostly, it's watercolors and sketching. I think I'm good at sketches. I can do realism, but it takes longer than my half-anime, half-western style. I'd rather it not be anime at all, but apparently I have to deal with it, because according to these retards on DeviantArt, all comic-style art is anime nowadays...

(You freaks! Anime is animated, hence the name! Manga is comics, so stop calling it that in the first place!)

I prefer my comic-art well mixed. Not an [artistic] racist, no I am not.

Apparently, though - according to my mom - my writing is pretty good too. Actually, it's sort of better than my art. By a lot. The mom thing was just a wisecrack.

Not to say that she doesn't think it's good.

I need sleep, seriously. I promise I'm not normally like this.

Okay, I am. I lay on the snark and the sarcasm and the girlishness pretty heavily. Just, like, THWAM, on everyone.

I mean, don't even ask me a simple question, like "did the zebras hide my money again (no, that was me)?" or "did you drink the entire box of Hi-C in one day (of course I did!)?" or "could you play your ocarina for my friends while wearing an electric-blue feather boa and dancing a tango with a statue made entirely out of used gasoline tanks (I'd much prefer barrels of crude oil)?" because the most likely answer you'll get is another question.

Just yesterday:

"Do you know where my homework is?"
"Do you know the sixteen words that can be legally played in a game of Scrabble when you have a Q without a U?"
"Um... no."
"Well, neither do I!" *walks out the door*

Honestly, I swear to god, that happened. With my eight-year-old brother. As I walked through the kitchen to retrieve my coat.

I really should get some sleep, before my brain atrophies.

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