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It's almost one in the morning. Civ and I are still awake, talking on a private board on iScribble.

Listening to:

Life in Laralay - Sweethead
Spin Me Round (Like a Record) - Dope
Lullaby - Hypnogaja
Hero - Skillet
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack
Les Miserables Soundtrack

Poetic Drabble!

Clothed in clouds of lace, we fall from grace
An eternal race, the chaser and the chased.

She's a tender, sun-soaked soul
A bland brown hold on a glimmering gold
And he's a strong-willed warrior of order
He's going out of his way to accommodate her

She opens up like a music box and displays what's inside
A layer of lovely that she masks and she hides
And his violence brings itself to mind
He's watching her closely, taking his time

Eye for eye, she falls from grace
A pretty face in a dismal place
She had to die, but she stole his eye
He watched her as he bled her dry

Her final words were words of love
She drowned in air when she fell up
The heartless murder of a glimmer of light
That faded out softly as she screamed in delight

[Pisces and Aquarius]

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